The Enchanted Biscuit began in my home kitchen in Aspen, Colorado. The year was 2007 and there was a huge recall of pet food produced in China with many dogs sick and dying. I believed dogs deserve, at the very minimum, safe, healthful, and nutritionally sound food. With my culinary background as a French trained chef, I knew I could produce dog treats to meet that criteria and could provide the consumer a safe product for their beloved companions. Additionally, I wanted them to be irresistible and free of corn, wheat, soy, salt, sugar and GMO. Because my Sheltie suffered from stomach issues, I also wanted to craft the biscuits to address conditions like motion sickness/nervousness and diabetes. Dog’s olfactory senses are 1000 times more sensitive than humans, so appealing to a dog’s sense of smell seemed necessary. I then incorporated a delicious aroma for each flavor. Take a sniff of our biscuits and you will discover the tempting aroma. To insure the high quality of my biscuits, I hired an animal nutritionist to review the ingredients and received an unqualified approval.

The historic Broadmoor Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs was one of my first clients and has been providing our biscuits to their four-legged guests since we began many years ago. They are the only establishment of its kind who has held for 53 consecutive years a Five Star rating. Our biscuits are provided as the pet amenity in the guest rooms, as well as being sold in their Pet Boutique. Because they have been so popular, guests often purchase additional biscuits to take home. This rewarding collaboration with the Broadmoor Hotel has encouraged me to direct my product to other fabulous hotels and resorts.

We are blessed to be able to provide complimentary treats to Freedom Service Dogs (FSD), a wonderful non-profit organization founded in 1987. They rescues dogs from shelters and train them to assist active duty servicemen, veterans and disabled civilians living with emotional and physical disabilities. They provide biscuits for use in training and have discovered the dogs adore them, and are very effective as a positive reinforcement treat.

We also provide training treats to the Summit County Colorado Search and Rescue Team’s Avalanche Dogs, Summit County Animal Control and Shelter and League for Animal and People of the Summit.

We hope the love we craft into our biscuits comes through in the goodness your canine guests will taste!

Kate Neuschaefer, Founder and Head Chef
The Enchanted Biscuit
Denver, Colorado

Some of our Fine Hotel Clients include: