Our Rave Reviews

“I highly recommend the Enchanted Biscuit to any Hotel or Resort looking to add a wonderful product to their pet menu. They are beautifully packaged and we love that our hotel logo is prominent on the label. Not only does the Enchanted Biscuit provide delicious treats for our canine guests, but they give us exceptional customer service.”

-Rhonda Kenny, Director of Retail, The Broadmoor Hotel


“As owner of a dog training company that works with hundreds of dogs per month, finding a universal training biscuit has been challenging. The majority of the dogs we train LOVE these treats, the others typically would not touch a hard biscuit. The Enchanted Biscuit is the official training treat for Noble Beast Dog Training, and has been for years. With delicious herbs and human grade ingredient, no sugar, salt, and GMO, I feel comfortable using this treat with all the dogs we train, even for the dogs with food allergies. We even get comments from owners, “What treats are you using, my dog loves them! We absolutely love the Enchanted Biscuits!”

-Mindy Jarvis – Owner of Noble Beast Dog Training


“In the past I didn’t find “crunchy” treats very effective for training. The Enchanted Biscuit is now my preferred training treats – our dogs love them. Also a plus for the trainers, when the lid of the The Enchanted Biscuit bin is opened it smells heavenly.”

-Kate Dyson, head trainer, Freedom Service Dogs


“Auntie Kate has been making “travellin’ tummy treats” for years and the rescued dogs of Rocky Mountain Collie and Sheltie Rescue, Inc. have been the lucky recipients of those biscuits. Whatever magic Kate puts into those dog treats has helped with upset tummies due to transition or car-sickness or just plain anxiety. My Collie Butler, does not go anywhere without his “tummy treats. He swears by them!”

-Hope Hemperly, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue


“Most people think treats are all the same; evidently they’ve never tried The Enchanted Biscuit! The pups are literally “enchanted” by the wonderful smell and the size makes it a perfect training treat for any dog. Paws down…there’s no comparison. If you’re looking for a healthy, flavorful biscuit…your search is over.”

-Jen Newhouse, Owner Two Pals and A Pup, Denver, CO